children with badbacks actually have a condition called scheuermann’s disease

A lot of children with badbacks  actually have a condition called scheuermann’s disease  . Scheurmann’s disease is an abnormal skeletal condition which often develops during puberty. It is defined as aggressive thoracic kyphosis or increased curvature of the upper back. The disease actually remains a topic of debate, with quite a few varying methods of treatment. Symptoms can include a hunched appearance with rounding of the upper back, fatigue, stiffness in the spine, pain (levels vary depending on the severity of the case) and increased lumbar lordosis. This imbalance in growth means that extra pressure is placed on both areas of the back to combat the abnormal patterns. Patients suffering from scheuermann’s disease often have to wear back braces  on their upper and lower back in order to hold it in place and deter any more abnormal growth. The process of regulating the back to grow at a normal rate and reversing the hunch can be quite long and painful. The later the symptoms are treated the harder they are to change, and this can be quite horrible – particularly for kids going through puberty. What’s important is that they maintain a normal, healthy lifestyle and that they aren’t bullied or made fun of because of their condition. Things like playing sport and engaging in regular childhood activities can be made quite difficult, and these kids are going to need all of the love and support that they can get. Treatment will eventually get them back to normal, however in more extreme cases where children are born with the disease rather than developing it, it can be quite debilitating.