Kneeling chairs, what can I say.

Kneeling chairs; I have to tell you that these things are, by far, the best possible invention for people in static jobs where they sit on their bottoms all day at a computer desk and suffer bad backs. Actually, even if they don’t suffer bad backs, it can be great as it will certainly ensure they never do!

I purchased one not too long ago now, albeit reluctantly, and I notice a difference already! I was hesitant at first because I thought it may have been just another fad that took the world by storm and was sure to die down soon after, BUT, I cannot recommend them enough.

All of my friends and family are tired of hearing about them because of the amount that I rave on about them. Day after day after day. I only carry on about them because of how awesome I think they are though. If I didn’t think they were that great, you wouldn’t hear boo out of me.

I work upwards of fifty five to sixty hours a week these days and to be sitting in a still position for hours on end, every day, I needed to make different choices to better my posture. This was what I came up with and I don’t regret any dollars I have spent on the very reasonably priced item. At all.

It makes total sense to me now too as I notice the posture I am in when I am using it and notice that the posture I most used in a standard chair was not good for me. Any tension headaches I used to get are completely gone.

When using an inversion table

My first morning at the gym in a really long time. Truth be told, it’s been a much longer time than you or anyone else could ever imagine…I am actually coming out of a ten year gym hibernation period. At least, I think it is ten….it could actually be eleven or twelve really. Sigh.

A lot has changed here with all the new and random items of exercise equipment. Some things that are here look like alien inventions and I wonder what on Earth they do for you besides making you want to hold your top down to ensure it doesn’t come up (or down, as it were) when using an inversion table (Yes, I know. I had no clue what it was either until I asked an instructor and apparently, you hang upside down on it. Something to do with bad backs. Don’t ask).

The amount of really losers I see at the gym is another thing I instantly notice. They all stand in their rows while doing weights, completely checking themselves out in the mirror while they do! Are they that into themselves that they need to look at themselves while they pump weights? Really? You guys really look like tossers in all honesty!

Hardly approachable so I doubt you’ll pick up any ladies that way (dear God, I hope that is not what your intention is in those horrendous shorts that make you look like a try hard AFL football player!).

Oh dear, I now remember all the reasons I hated coming here…I might just head home again.

Heat up my heat pack for my bad back

I have been sitting here in an absolutely freezing cold office all day. It’s been a really awfully gloom and wet typical Melbourne Winter day here today and I look out of my window at my computer desk and all I feel is lucky to be indoors! I mean, it’s so icy that even with the heater on inside, it’s still cold and the heater is already on twenty two degrees! What’s going on?

I leave my desk for five minutes (to heat up my heat pack for my bad backs) and I return to my desk and my office chairs feel damp, it’s that cold! Ok, I know, perhaps if I closed the window it would not be as bad, BUT, I hate feeling so boxed in constantly so have a window open and a nanna, oops I mean throw rug over my lap while I work. Yes, it is certainly a sight worth laughing over considering I am on the lower end of early thirties in age.

I have been very glad to be working at home today as it has meant that I have not needed to leave the house once. Not even to open the front door as I have had no deliveries today either which has just been lovely. Ahhh, the benefits of working from home meaning that I am still in my pyjamas now and it’s past 8.00pm here! Yes, I have had a shower….but got into clean pyjamas after as they were the toastiest thing I could think of.

I am in desperate need of a massage chair

I am in desperate need of a massage chair and I really don’t think that my husband understand exactly why. He seems to think it’s a luxury item and one I can do without. Truth be told, it is not luxury at all, you see; I suffer from bad backs a lot of the time and need the massage chair almost as much as I need the adjustable bed that I begged for so long, to purchase. Even he can see the benefits of the bed with his own back, and he has no back issues!

In any case, I am planning on going shopping this weekend for a massage chair. There are so many on the market and a lot of places that are offering 35% off the second furniture item you purchase in the same transaction, so why wouldn’t I go now?

I am also on the lookout for a lovely new ottoman as well, you know, one of those massive ones that open up to have quite a large amount of storage within them? There are some pretty sweet ones out there that do not even look as though they have storage. I am not a fan of the really obvious ones. I want one where the beauty of the ottoman alone takes away any thought that it might double up for storage.

I am so looking forward to going shopping. Worst case scenario, I have to buy hubby something for ‘him’ so I can take the focus away from his negativity surrounding the massage chair!!!

A bad back is a back

I recently had a revamp of my office so I could work better ergonomically to ease any pressure off bad backs and to prevent having to wear a posture brace!

The office chair I bought cost me around $1,000 but has a 12 year warranty on it so I figured that was certainly better than most other chairs for sale these days, plus, it must be a good one. It is super comfortable and wearable and I like the feel of it.

I did consider all these other fancy office chair types. The ones that promise you good fortune for life and the pretty ones that really tie in with modern home office styling, but at the end of the day, I wanted one that was best for me and one that would stand the test of time as far as longevity goes, without substituting for quality. I don’t want to have to buy a new chair every two years. It’s quite a draining process, really.

I changed the positioning of other items like my computer desk and mouse pad etc so that the keyboard is directly in front of me as opposed to angled to one side, I am certain that that has not been helping me all these years!

Now, my quaint little home office looks inviting, very ergonomical and workable and above all, pretty modern without giving up the comfort and support that you need while being stuck at a desk all day.

I am excited to get back to work now…earn this $1,000 back J

A bad back on the weekend

I have been looking forward to this weekend for as long as I can think. It’s probably been around 8 months, since I booked the weekend away. One big house, in the town of Rye in Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula, with my favorite people in the whole world, my dearest friends and their son.

Just the four of us, an open fire place, the smell of wood burning, a few bottles of red wine and a spa to boot. This weekend is going to be amazing.

My friend’s husband has been suffering from bad backs recently so we made sure we found somewhere that has an inversion table for him together with adjustable beds for his comfort. This weekend is aimed to completely relax us all so it’s the least we could do.

I am dying to put the kids to bed so we can chill out with them like we used to. We used to hang out all the time pre kids and always go for weekends away, or even just one night stay overs at each others’ houses. Since having children, it’s become much harder as carting little kids around is really difficult until they get to that age of over 6 where they can half look after themselves, or rather, entertain themselves. They are all under three at the moment.

Once the kids are in bed and asleep, we put on some relaxing music and get stuck into a red wine each. Relaxed, we all just sit chatting on the couch in front of the fire for what seemed like twenty minutes, but ended up being over three hours. It’s amazing how time flies when you’re having fun.

I just love these guys.

The Most Effective Ways on How to Correct Posture with a posture brace

As I have mentioned, time and time again, some of the products available for bad backs are helpful reminders that you need to constantly maintain good posture in order to steer clear of needing back support like a posture brace. Where I fault these products, however, is that most of them attempt to hold you in a good posture but fail to help strengthen your own muscles to do the work.

This is a huge problem because if you have an item or product working for your muscles by holding you in the proper position, your own muscles will in essence take a holiday and completely check out of all work (why wouldn’t they if something else is doing it all for them!?). This lack of use with continued use of the device will actually lead to a muscle weakening over time. It’s the old adage…use it or lose it. In order to correct bad posture the right way, remember the following:

  • Work on continuing to have better posture during all your activities, while you’re sitting at an office desk, standing, and moving about in the daily grind.
  • Learn how to strengthen your muscles with exercises that will enable them to do the work…this will set you up for success in the longer term.
  • Learn a series of basic core strengthening exercises to help in your mid area. This will help promote better mechanics and will protect your back as you perform your daily activities.
  • Learn what good posture is and practice it continuously!

Now I realize none of these things are as appealing as buying a brace to correct posture. But remember, there are no shortcuts in life!

Where Can You Buy Back Braces for Posture?

If there is one thing that most bad backs need and have in common with a good posture brace, it is that they are both terribly unattractive and not very comfortable when not at their best. The old styles of differing back braces were the worst to look at, which were once used for people with back issues or pain.

My goal in writing this is to share with you some misconceptions about how to correct a poor posture, review various products that market themselves as posture correcting devices to save you some painful back issues, and most importantly, to share with you what I teach all my students on how to correct posture.

Here are a few of the biggest issues I continue to see with much of the information available online on how to correct ones posture:

  • Much of it tends to address posture as a static position. In other words, it tells (or shows pictures and diagrams) you how to correct posture while sitting at an office desk or standing in one position, but it doesn’t address having good posture in all your activities throughout the day. Most people will move around a dozen times in the first hour they are awake!
  • Good posture is more than just pulling your shoulders back. Of course, proper shoulder positions are part of how to correct posture, but it is only one of the pieces to the puzzle.
  • People want a product to do the work for them. There are some good products that have their place in addressing poor posture, but many of them fail to provide what is required to adequately teach your body how to achieve and maintain good posture.

What good is posture when you have bad backs?

There are a number of varying reasons why having constantly good posture is important, even though you may think that this is only a cosmetic issue.

Firstly, when you stand upright, and stand with good posture, you will appear taller and thinner (biggest plus ever!), and obviously, with a lot more confidence. If you were always to look at photos of the same person and they were always slouching in the photos but standing tall randomly in one single one, they would probably look like two different people to you, and you would also have a different opinion of them both.

Bad backs can be seen from any direction you look at someone. From their posture (or need for posture braces and support) to their poor stride. These people would likely not be using a good office desk and one would assume they would need to work more on their ergonomical environments in every facet.

 Secondly, when you are slouching, you are also not getting enough oxygen into your body (believe it or not), which means that lack of posture actually affects your energy levels as well as everything else. As a result, you may actually notice them gain weight and become more easily tired when they are not prone to standing or sitting upright.

In fact, they may also recommend that you have a posture support brace properly made for you, which could set you back hundreds or even thousands of dollars, which is something none of us want to deal with. 

There’s much to be said about bad backs

There’s much to be said about bad backs and just how much impact they have on your life. It’s a sad story that I hear all too much about as I have been working in a retail environment where, for years, we’ve provided the general public with a way to re-claim their lives with the side of such items like posture braces and ergonomic office desks.

The stories of hope lost that I hear so regularly, are truly heartbreaking and stories that I wish I could change. I may not be able to change the past but I can certainly help give them their future back.

We provide a large range of products that can help ease the pain of the day to day movements that require a strong core and upper and lower back strength.

We can arrange payment plans for those items that cost much more than people can generally afford and we can also provide full use of a private physiotherapist that will work with them, just for being a customer of ours.

I love doing what I do and love helping our customers reach new levels of comfort and hearing about how much we’ve helped to change their life. It’s has me tearing up from the moment I see them and in those moments, I feel so proud about what I’m doing in life.

Please, I beg of you, if you have any issues in this area and are tired of living in pain, find your nearest store so we can help you change your future. You deserve it.