8 out of 10 people suffer from some form of bad backs

As a rough estimate, 8 out of 10 people suffer from some form of bad backs or ongoing back pain at some point during their lives. Women more so, are prone to posture and back problems—thanks to toting around stupidly heavy handbags, general pregnancy and birthing or carrying your children around on one side, which leaves you unbalanced.

Whether you’re in the middle of fighting the back ache or just want to prevent it, here are a couple of expert-endorsed simple and effective ways to wage your war.

If your handbag or briefcase tips the scales at more than 10% of your total body weight, it’s too heavy and needs to be fixed immediately (plus, you need to learn how to carry it the right way also).

Purchasing yourself a new handbag (that’s right, we are giving you direct advice to go shopping!) with a long strap that lets you position it across your chest like a messenger bag will greatly even out the weight load.

Sleeping in the best position can also help you.

A firmer bed may not be better for your back, contrary to popular belief. A recent study found that people who slept on softer beds reported less lower-back pain than those who snoozed on harder ones. You could also try an adjustable bed to help in this area.

Lastly, by tightening your abdominal muscles, you can strengthen your core to help combat and offset the back pressure.

Having strong core muscles can help protect your back from injury. By using specialised exercise equipment to strengthen this area, you will feel more in control.

About Bad Backs

Bad backs are very common and affects most people at some point in their life. It usually feels like a constant ache, tension or stiffness in your lower back area and can be caused by a number of things, such as a sudden movement or fall, an injury or other medical condition. It’s generally caused by the way the bones, discs, tendons, muscles and ligaments interact and work together or in this case, don’t.

Lower back pain is very common in Australia. Around 80% of people experience back pain and 10% have some form of disability due to it, resulting in the need for a specialised inversion table to assist them in strengthening the area to try and keep the pain at bay.

People of all ages, genders and stages in life can be and are affected by back pain, and although it generally clears up in a few days or weeks, sometimes back pain can be ongoing and so severe that the person ends up living in a posture brace just to be able to get through their daily activities.

It’s important that you try not to restrict your movement too much. Even if your back is very painful, it is said by many professionals that slow and gentle movements are better than lying still in bed. It will keep your back moving and will help to get your back becoming more supple and flexible.

If you have back pain lasting longer than six weeks, you should most definitely see your doctor who can provide additional advice and treatment if necessary.

Bad backs taking in the aged

From the age of 15, I worked, on the sly as it was just a little bit naughty, at a retirement home. It was actually the retirement home that my grandmother was residing at which I loved because I also got to spend time with her.

I loved it. Don’t ask me why but I imagine having so many people admire the fact that I was young and vibrant and always full of beans, they would  actually want to listen to my stories and jokes! I would listen to stories of their children, families and even pets. Some funny and some were much sadder.

The residents taught me a lot about life. A lot about having the utmost respect towards the elderly and understanding what they have been through in life and the weathers they have had to endure.

Many of the people there, including my dear old grandma, were long time sufferers of the nasty, bad backs. They would double over in pain often and would walk with a hunchback from years of hard work and abuse.

There was one particular lady who had very sad back pain and the owners of the nursing home bought in an inversion table for her to use. And another lady needed a posture brace just to get through her day – it would beep whenever she was not sitting up correctly. In fact, the establishment often purchased many of them for the various residents to have in their rooms.

I guess the chair and support items made for much better support for soreness and a few moments where they could sit comfortably and feel a bit normal and young again. I really felt for them and found it quite upsetting.

My Story!

I have been under a huge amount of pressure over the past two to three weeks. Regardless of having a bout of really bad backs, I have been having to deal with my aged and frail mother who has just been diagnosed with osteoporosis as well. The poor dear is having trouble walking and seems to be in a large amount of pain at every interval between drugs wearing off and having them given to her.

I have tried to get out with her to find the best items and aides out there to support her and have begun shopping for a suitable special accommodation home for her to move into. She simply cannot do it on her own anymore.

I found her a second hand trolley that will help with her walking and an inversion table to help the lower back area strengthen. I am hoping that with these together, there will be some serious change and improvement.

At the special accommodation place that I am leaning more towards, I have found that they already have equipped each of the rooms with adjustable beds which will make her life so much easier. Anything that will make her happier to be moved into a home, will make my life easier.

All the while, I am trying to deal with my own ailing health also.

I have called upon my three sisters to come round one day and help me talk to her about the move. Hopefully, they manage to pull through for me as I will find this quite difficult to talk to her about on my own.

From the special massage chair to the exercise equipment.

When I was in year eight at school, I was part of the school’s equestrian and horse riding class and club. All my dreams came true in this place, as I was passionate about everything horses and had one of my very own….two if you count the hack that was given to my sister who never cared for it.

Calypso was a superstar horse, an easy horse to ride and one that was really good for me to learn on. She was 14 hands high (hh) so not really that big and was a standard bred bay mare around 8 years old. We got her from the trail riding place as they sell off horses every now and again for dirt cheap as they treat them like crap and starve them pretty much – I was happy to be able to save one from hell!!!

I thoroughly loved every minute in our little saddle club and every time one class was over, I’d start my stop watch to make sure I could begin my inevitable countdown until the next one. Sitting through my English and Maths classes during those countdowns was absolute hell but it also got me one step closer to seeing her again.

In year nine, about midway through and during my horse lesson, I came off her. The girth wasn’t as tight as it needed to be and when we went for a run, the saddle slipped, taking me with it and dragging me for what felt like 100 meters. I later found out it was 20 meters.

Hurting my back opened my eyes to bad backs and the unlimited items out there to help. From the special massage chair to the exercise equipment, I was amazed at the support they offered me. This company was a god send.

On why a recliner chair can help with bad backs

On why a recliner chair can help with bad backs. This comes direct from a medical practitioner when recently speaking at a conference I attended as a med student.

Recliner chairs can help with back pain for the simple reason that you take the weight off of your back and re balance it. By reclining or laying down, you rest your spine and it gives it time to relax and take pressure off. A reclined position is much better than sitting up straight, because when you are sitting up straight you are still contracting your muscles to remain sturdy.

Lifting your legs and laying and supporting your back helps. This can help in many other medical conditions, for instance, varicose veins and clotting issues also. The blood flow goes back to your heart and that is also good for inflammation and pain in all areas.

How a massage chair can also assist.

Massage chairs can help, but it would also depend on the nature of your pain. Massage chairs that also recline, can help with muscle tightness or spasms. Particularly, heat can help although, if you have back injuries then you are better off using a simple reclining position that supports your back. It is always best to check with your doctor in the first instance.

A semi-reclined position can also help with medical conditions where a person experiences difficulty taking in air or breathing. For instance, a semi-reclined position decreases severity of sleep apnea. It also helps with snoring

Kneeling chairs, what can I say.

Kneeling chairs; I have to tell you that these things are, by far, the best possible invention for people in static jobs where they sit on their bottoms all day at a computer desk and suffer bad backs. Actually, even if they don’t suffer bad backs, it can be great as it will certainly ensure they never do!

I purchased one not too long ago now, albeit reluctantly, and I notice a difference already! I was hesitant at first because I thought it may have been just another fad that took the world by storm and was sure to die down soon after, BUT, I cannot recommend them enough.

All of my friends and family are tired of hearing about them because of the amount that I rave on about them. Day after day after day. I only carry on about them because of how awesome I think they are though. If I didn’t think they were that great, you wouldn’t hear boo out of me.

I work upwards of fifty five to sixty hours a week these days and to be sitting in a still position for hours on end, every day, I needed to make different choices to better my posture. This was what I came up with and I don’t regret any dollars I have spent on the very reasonably priced item. At all.

It makes total sense to me now too as I notice the posture I am in when I am using it and notice that the posture I most used in a standard chair was not good for me. Any tension headaches I used to get are completely gone.

When using an inversion table

My first morning at the gym in a really long time. Truth be told, it’s been a much longer time than you or anyone else could ever imagine…I am actually coming out of a ten year gym hibernation period. At least, I think it is ten….it could actually be eleven or twelve really. Sigh.

A lot has changed here with all the new and random items of exercise equipment. Some things that are here look like alien inventions and I wonder what on Earth they do for you besides making you want to hold your top down to ensure it doesn’t come up (or down, as it were) when using an inversion table (Yes, I know. I had no clue what it was either until I asked an instructor and apparently, you hang upside down on it. Something to do with bad backs. Don’t ask).

The amount of really losers I see at the gym is another thing I instantly notice. They all stand in their rows while doing weights, completely checking themselves out in the mirror while they do! Are they that into themselves that they need to look at themselves while they pump weights? Really? You guys really look like tossers in all honesty!

Hardly approachable so I doubt you’ll pick up any ladies that way (dear God, I hope that is not what your intention is in those horrendous shorts that make you look like a try hard AFL football player!).

Oh dear, I now remember all the reasons I hated coming here…I might just head home again.

I am in desperate need of a massage chair

I am in desperate need of a massage chair and I really don’t think that my husband understand exactly why. He seems to think it’s a luxury item and one I can do without. Truth be told, it is not luxury at all, you see; I suffer from bad backs a lot of the time and need the massage chair almost as much as I need the adjustable bed that I begged for so long, to purchase. Even he can see the benefits of the bed with his own back, and he has no back issues!

In any case, I am planning on going shopping this weekend for a massage chair. There are so many on the market and a lot of places that are offering 35% off the second furniture item you purchase in the same transaction, so why wouldn’t I go now?

I am also on the lookout for a lovely new ottoman as well, you know, one of those massive ones that open up to have quite a large amount of storage within them? There are some pretty sweet ones out there that do not even look as though they have storage. I am not a fan of the really obvious ones. I want one where the beauty of the ottoman alone takes away any thought that it might double up for storage.

I am so looking forward to going shopping. Worst case scenario, I have to buy hubby something for ‘him’ so I can take the focus away from his negativity surrounding the massage chair!!!

A bad back is a back

I recently had a revamp of my office so I could work better ergonomically to ease any pressure off bad backs and to prevent having to wear a posture brace!

The office chair I bought cost me around $1,000 but has a 12 year warranty on it so I figured that was certainly better than most other chairs for sale these days, plus, it must be a good one. It is super comfortable and wearable and I like the feel of it.

I did consider all these other fancy office chair types. The ones that promise you good fortune for life and the pretty ones that really tie in with modern home office styling, but at the end of the day, I wanted one that was best for me and one that would stand the test of time as far as longevity goes, without substituting for quality. I don’t want to have to buy a new chair every two years. It’s quite a draining process, really.

I changed the positioning of other items like my computer desk and mouse pad etc so that the keyboard is directly in front of me as opposed to angled to one side, I am certain that that has not been helping me all these years!

Now, my quaint little home office looks inviting, very ergonomical and workable and above all, pretty modern without giving up the comfort and support that you need while being stuck at a desk all day.

I am excited to get back to work now…earn this $1,000 back J