Kneeling chairs – back from the past….

Thank gosh for kneeling chairs being back on the market to help with everyone’s bad backs.

These are one of the easiest ways I have seen to prevent back pain and associated issues so I am glad to see they are becoming another fashionable item again.

It is crazy how much is out there and how many items people will claim ‘saved them’ from their own bad back future. From the office desks that claim to do all the hard work for you, to the various amounts of braces there are to sift through to find your fave colour to wear for every occasion, as if it is a belt or something that can be seen!

We, as a country, need to start looking after ourselves much more than we are already doing. We are being lazy, sitting in front of televisions for long periods, lacking in exercise (me included) and not keeping an active lifestyle in any sense of the word. This really needs to stop right here, right now.

We need to look after ourselves. Backs are the most important part of our bodies as they enable us to do so many different things. From bringing the shopping in from the car to getting ready on your own for a girls night out or blow drying your hair for that special occasion, your back plays a pivotal role in all of it! Imagine not being able to do any of these things (ok, I get that bringing shopping in form the car can be boring, but let’s assume its new clothes you just bought).

So, start with the chair. It will help get the momentum going.



What do you think?

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