Products Designed to “Correct” Posture

I always admire any individual that is self-motivated to learn enough about how to correct their bad backs and poor posture habits and improve their overall health. It shows smartness and that they care about themselves and want the best for their body to improve their quality of life and longevity; however, with so much information available on the subject, many people get confused as to where they should even start.

The keeling chairs that claim to be ‘all you need’ to the adjustable beds which are actually fantastic for you.

Let’s take a look at some of the products promoting the ability to improve posture:

  • Tape for taping your back up – there are a few brands of tape that come in an “X” pattern, designed to place between your shoulder blades. The tape is designed to wear for quite some time and it aids in pulling your shoulder blades backwards.
  • Undershirts – designed to wear under your clothing and help you achieve and maintain good posture.
  • Neoprene Upper and Lower Back Supports – these are neoprene braces designed to help remind you to have proper posture when bending and lifting. They also help remind you to pull your shoulders back and keep your lower back aligned.
  • Posture Shoes – designed to alter the way you stand and improve the alignment of your feet, knees, and hips, which helps improve posture.
  • Biofeedback Items – electrical devices you wear on your chest that vibrate when you slouch; these give you feedback by reminding you that you need to sit up straight.

What do you think?

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