Bad backs taking in the aged

From the age of 15, I worked, on the sly as it was just a little bit naughty, at a retirement home. It was actually the retirement home that my grandmother was residing at which I loved because I also got to spend time with her.

I loved it. Don’t ask me why but I imagine having so many people admire the fact that I was young and vibrant and always full of beans, they would  actually want to listen to my stories and jokes! I would listen to stories of their children, families and even pets. Some funny and some were much sadder.

The residents taught me a lot about life. A lot about having the utmost respect towards the elderly and understanding what they have been through in life and the weathers they have had to endure.

Many of the people there, including my dear old grandma, were long time sufferers of the nasty, bad backs. They would double over in pain often and would walk with a hunchback from years of hard work and abuse.

There was one particular lady who had very sad back pain and the owners of the nursing home bought in an inversion table for her to use. And another lady needed a posture brace just to get through her day – it would beep whenever she was not sitting up correctly. In fact, the establishment often purchased many of them for the various residents to have in their rooms.

I guess the chair and support items made for much better support for soreness and a few moments where they could sit comfortably and feel a bit normal and young again. I really felt for them and found it quite upsetting.


What do you think?

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