My Story!

I have been under a huge amount of pressure over the past two to three weeks. Regardless of having a bout of really bad backs, I have been having to deal with my aged and frail mother who has just been diagnosed with osteoporosis as well. The poor dear is having trouble walking and seems to be in a large amount of pain at every interval between drugs wearing off and having them given to her.

I have tried to get out with her to find the best items and aides out there to support her and have begun shopping for a suitable special accommodation home for her to move into. She simply cannot do it on her own anymore.

I found her a second hand trolley that will help with her walking and an inversion table to help the lower back area strengthen. I am hoping that with these together, there will be some serious change and improvement.

At the special accommodation place that I am leaning more towards, I have found that they already have equipped each of the rooms with adjustable beds which will make her life so much easier. Anything that will make her happier to be moved into a home, will make my life easier.

All the while, I am trying to deal with my own ailing health also.

I have called upon my three sisters to come round one day and help me talk to her about the move. Hopefully, they manage to pull through for me as I will find this quite difficult to talk to her about on my own.


What do you think?

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