Bad backs

I have been studying sports therapy for the past six years at a fantastic Melbourne university. To date, I have been loving the course and would recommend it to anyone that would be interested. It’s quite possibly the best decision I made and the right choice for me and my learning style as they have a good way of complementing it. This past week, is no different so I wanted to share with you what I have been working on.

We have been given projects to do where we research the benefits of swimming for medical therapy. My interest in this area took shape when I recently went down to the local recreation center for an early morning gym class and noticed the large amount of people there for water aerobics and or swimming laps. It got me thinking.

Bad backs. What an amazing thing to do to help them. It carries all the impact off your back but can strengthen your muscles at the same time, better than any posture brace I have ever seen.

These women move like tornados when they are in the water but upon observation of them leaving the pool, I noticed a lot walking with a hunchback, and they are not all over 50.

All these people that are going out there to buy the latest supportive computer desk or fancy body support wraps can look no further, for this is something that medically, makes total sense. It’s a real shame that GPs today are not recommending this sort of thing and opting straight to the actual items you can purchase.

What do you think?

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