From the special massage chair to the exercise equipment.

When I was in year eight at school, I was part of the school’s equestrian and horse riding class and club. All my dreams came true in this place, as I was passionate about everything horses and had one of my very own….two if you count the hack that was given to my sister who never cared for it.

Calypso was a superstar horse, an easy horse to ride and one that was really good for me to learn on. She was 14 hands high (hh) so not really that big and was a standard bred bay mare around 8 years old. We got her from the trail riding place as they sell off horses every now and again for dirt cheap as they treat them like crap and starve them pretty much – I was happy to be able to save one from hell!!!

I thoroughly loved every minute in our little saddle club and every time one class was over, I’d start my stop watch to make sure I could begin my inevitable countdown until the next one. Sitting through my English and Maths classes during those countdowns was absolute hell but it also got me one step closer to seeing her again.

In year nine, about midway through and during my horse lesson, I came off her. The girth wasn’t as tight as it needed to be and when we went for a run, the saddle slipped, taking me with it and dragging me for what felt like 100 meters. I later found out it was 20 meters.

Hurting my back opened my eyes to bad backs and the unlimited items out there to help. From the special massage chair to the exercise equipment, I was amazed at the support they offered me. This company was a god send.


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