Kneeling chairs, what can I say.

Kneeling chairs; I have to tell you that these things are, by far, the best possible invention for people in static jobs where they sit on their bottoms all day at a computer desk and suffer bad backs. Actually, even if they don’t suffer bad backs, it can be great as it will certainly ensure they never do!

I purchased one not too long ago now, albeit reluctantly, and I notice a difference already! I was hesitant at first because I thought it may have been just another fad that took the world by storm and was sure to die down soon after, BUT, I cannot recommend them enough.

All of my friends and family are tired of hearing about them because of the amount that I rave on about them. Day after day after day. I only carry on about them because of how awesome I think they are though. If I didn’t think they were that great, you wouldn’t hear boo out of me.

I work upwards of fifty five to sixty hours a week these days and to be sitting in a still position for hours on end, every day, I needed to make different choices to better my posture. This was what I came up with and I don’t regret any dollars I have spent on the very reasonably priced item. At all.

It makes total sense to me now too as I notice the posture I am in when I am using it and notice that the posture I most used in a standard chair was not good for me. Any tension headaches I used to get are completely gone.


What do you think?

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