I am in desperate need of a massage chair

I am in desperate need of a massage chair and I really don’t think that my husband understand exactly why. He seems to think it’s a luxury item and one I can do without. Truth be told, it is not luxury at all, you see; I suffer from bad backs a lot of the time and need the massage chair almost as much as I need the adjustable bed that I begged for so long, to purchase. Even he can see the benefits of the bed with his own back, and he has no back issues!

In any case, I am planning on going shopping this weekend for a massage chair. There are so many on the market and a lot of places that are offering 35% off the second furniture item you purchase in the same transaction, so why wouldn’t I go now?

I am also on the lookout for a lovely new ottoman as well, you know, one of those massive ones that open up to have quite a large amount of storage within them? There are some pretty sweet ones out there that do not even look as though they have storage. I am not a fan of the really obvious ones. I want one where the beauty of the ottoman alone takes away any thought that it might double up for storage.

I am so looking forward to going shopping. Worst case scenario, I have to buy hubby something for ‘him’ so I can take the focus away from his negativity surrounding the massage chair!!!


What do you think?

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