Heat up my heat pack for my bad back

I have been sitting here in an absolutely freezing cold office all day. It’s been a really awfully gloom and wet typical Melbourne Winter day here today and I look out of my window at my computer desk and all I feel is lucky to be indoors! I mean, it’s so icy that even with the heater on inside, it’s still cold and the heater is already on twenty two degrees! What’s going on?

I leave my desk for five minutes (to heat up my heat pack for my bad backs) and I return to my desk and my office chairs feel damp, it’s that cold! Ok, I know, perhaps if I closed the window it would not be as bad, BUT, I hate feeling so boxed in constantly so have a window open and a nanna, oops I mean throw rug over my lap while I work. Yes, it is certainly a sight worth laughing over considering I am on the lower end of early thirties in age.

I have been very glad to be working at home today as it has meant that I have not needed to leave the house once. Not even to open the front door as I have had no deliveries today either which has just been lovely. Ahhh, the benefits of working from home meaning that I am still in my pyjamas now and it’s past 8.00pm here! Yes, I have had a shower….but got into clean pyjamas after as they were the toastiest thing I could think of.


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