Is your computer desk right for you?

Is your computer desk right for you?

This is a really important question from what I have learned so far. If your desk is much too high or too low, it can certainly cause you to spend much of your day working in non-neutral postures which end up in bad backs.

In an ideal world, yeah right, your arms should hang straight down from shoulders with minimal muscle tension while you are working. If your desk is too high up, you will be highly likely to use too much of your shoulder and arm muscles as you utilize the things on your desk in every day work life. Things to look out for: are your shoulders raised? Are your muscles, located at the top of your shoulders, tight?

If your desk is not high enough for you, you will find that you spend a lot of time holding your arms out in order to reach the keyboard, thus creating a strain. You may also slump down at times to reach your keyboard or any other type of work you are doing. This will be sure to create shoulder, neck and upper back muscle tension.

If you sit at your desk and type for even five hours per day, you are already heading in a direction of not sitting correctly because as we tire, we relax more. Along with the awkward work posture, you’re also using your fingers, hands, wrists and forearms in a repetitive way.

Keep an eye on that posture of yours and even start looking at your office chair!

What do you think?

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