Get the perfect height for your computer desk

Here is how you too can get the perfect height for your computer desk to ward off bad backs for life, well, for the most part anyway. These tips will reduce the risk of strain caused by inappropriate computer desk height.

How do I check my desk height is correct?

  • Your computer desk should be at approximately the same level as your elbows (your elbows should be 90 degrees). If it’s too low, raise by lifting it up with boards, blocks or books under the legs and if it is too high, you can lower it either by cutting the legs down to a better height, or raising the height of your office chair. You can even use a footrest if you need to adjust but don’t want to cut anything off that beautiful investment piece desk you bought!
  • Consider purchasing an adjustable height desk. These desks are quite popular and may come in especially handy if you are not the only one who uses your desk.

How do I reduce neck pain and bad neck posture when sitting or working at my desk?

  • You should always aim to keep your shoulders relaxed. Doing posture awareness exercises and bringing your shoulder blades back can certainly help and are worth a try.
  • Learn how to position yourself with good posture. There are many websites that will show you how.
  • Make sure you’re the right distance from your computer monitor at all times.
  • Use your work breaks to stretch and exercise your back or neck, walking around helps also.

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