Where Can You Buy Back Braces for Posture?

If there is one thing that most bad backs need and have in common with a good posture brace, it is that they are both terribly unattractive and not very comfortable when not at their best. The old styles of differing back braces were the worst to look at, which were once used for people with back issues or pain.

My goal in writing this is to share with you some misconceptions about how to correct a poor posture, review various products that market themselves as posture correcting devices to save you some painful back issues, and most importantly, to share with you what I teach all my students on how to correct posture.

Here are a few of the biggest issues I continue to see with much of the information available online on how to correct ones posture:

  • Much of it tends to address posture as a static position. In other words, it tells (or shows pictures and diagrams) you how to correct posture while sitting at an office desk or standing in one position, but it doesn’t address having good posture in all your activities throughout the day. Most people will move around a dozen times in the first hour they are awake!
  • Good posture is more than just pulling your shoulders back. Of course, proper shoulder positions are part of how to correct posture, but it is only one of the pieces to the puzzle.
  • People want a product to do the work for them. There are some good products that have their place in addressing poor posture, but many of them fail to provide what is required to adequately teach your body how to achieve and maintain good posture.

What do you think?

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