The Most Effective Ways on How to Correct Posture with a posture brace

As I have mentioned, time and time again, some of the products available for bad backs are helpful reminders that you need to constantly maintain good posture in order to steer clear of needing back support like a posture brace. Where I fault these products, however, is that most of them attempt to hold you in a good posture but fail to help strengthen your own muscles to do the work.

This is a huge problem because if you have an item or product working for your muscles by holding you in the proper position, your own muscles will in essence take a holiday and completely check out of all work (why wouldn’t they if something else is doing it all for them!?). This lack of use with continued use of the device will actually lead to a muscle weakening over time. It’s the old adage…use it or lose it. In order to correct bad posture the right way, remember the following:

  • Work on continuing to have better posture during all your activities, while you’re sitting at an office desk, standing, and moving about in the daily grind.
  • Learn how to strengthen your muscles with exercises that will enable them to do the work…this will set you up for success in the longer term.
  • Learn a series of basic core strengthening exercises to help in your mid area. This will help promote better mechanics and will protect your back as you perform your daily activities.
  • Learn what good posture is and practice it continuously!

Now I realize none of these things are as appealing as buying a brace to correct posture. But remember, there are no shortcuts in life!

What do you think?

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