A bad back on the weekend

I have been looking forward to this weekend for as long as I can think. It’s probably been around 8 months, since I booked the weekend away. One big house, in the town of Rye in Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula, with my favorite people in the whole world, my dearest friends and their son.

Just the four of us, an open fire place, the smell of wood burning, a few bottles of red wine and a spa to boot. This weekend is going to be amazing.

My friend’s husband has been suffering from bad backs recently so we made sure we found somewhere that has an inversion table for him together with adjustable beds for his comfort. This weekend is aimed to completely relax us all so it’s the least we could do.

I am dying to put the kids to bed so we can chill out with them like we used to. We used to hang out all the time pre kids and always go for weekends away, or even just one night stay overs at each others’ houses. Since having children, it’s become much harder as carting little kids around is really difficult until they get to that age of over 6 where they can half look after themselves, or rather, entertain themselves. They are all under three at the moment.

Once the kids are in bed and asleep, we put on some relaxing music and get stuck into a red wine each. Relaxed, we all just sit chatting on the couch in front of the fire for what seemed like twenty minutes, but ended up being over three hours. It’s amazing how time flies when you’re having fun.

I just love these guys.


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