Life with a bad back!

I had my first trip to the local festival today; a trip I had been looking forward to for some time now. It’s the most talked about festival on local radio (and by local, I mean in a 60km radius of my rural town) so people come from far and wide to visit and enjoy the day.

I was very excited to wear my new skinny leg jeans and cowboy boots, the ones I have loved for many years and the love certainly shows on them but they still look hot none the less.

I have had the worst bad backs for the past three weeks, aggravated by a pretty large scale house move where we moved ourselves without the help of any removalists. It did seem like a thrifty idea at the time, but let me tell you, never again!

I was fearful I would never make it to this event.

I saw so many physiotherapists in the lead up, just so I could better my chances of being here but it wasn’t until I was chatting to a lady on the bus one night about it, that she recommended a posture brace, just in case. She said that in the least, if I was still in pain on the morning of the festival, I could wear it under my clothes for the day for added support and comfort. So, yes, I am wearing it and damn, she is totally right.

All I needed was this little device. Forget the special office desks or trendy items that seem to promise the world and deliver nothing at the kind of price that most would cringe at, this item is super cheap, unnoticeable and comfy as.

I’m out of here so I can go and enjoy the rest of this awesome day!


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