Face planting my travel pillow

I am one of those people that gets incredibly grumpy when I don’t have enough sleep. I love sleep more than anything, and there’s nothing better than sleeping in the car or on a place. Call me crazy, but I look forward to long drives and long commutes purely for the fact that I can snooze along the way.  Because of all of this sleeping, I find that I continuously get a bad back . My wife recently bought me an incredible travel pillow  – the best one I’ve ever seen – and this has certainly helped. It molds to the shape of my neck and supports the weight of my head without positioning my back and spine at a weird angle, so it is definitely the new love of my life. There are also a few different back supports  available that support your lower back and reduce pain while sitting, that I have found are incredibly usefull both for travel and for sitting at home. When it comes to sleeping on the go, I’ve definitely got the art down pat. An eye mask, some headphones and a great travel pillow will ensure your commute is incredibly comfortable and enjoyable. You won’t even realize how long you’ve slept for – and there’s nothing better than getting on a plane, falling asleep and waking up at your destination feeling refreshed and revitalized. If you don’t usually sleep in the car or on planes, I certainly recommend you give it a try and invest in a great quality travel pillow – you’ll never want to stay awake again!


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