Office must have: an ergonomic kneeling chair

When it comes to office must-haves, I’m sure the first things on your list were an awesome computer, a phone, maybe even a desk. Lately, the first thing on my list has been an ergonomic kneeling chair . Having recently experienced a bad bout of back pain, my bad backs  could no longer handle a regular chair and I had to go on a hunt for something new. Spending such long hours at my desk each week meant that my posture was growing increasingly worse, and my pain and headaches were also worsening as a result. This was affecting not only the quality of my work but my social and family life as well. I was grumpy and tired all the time and kept taking medication that only served as a blanket solution to the problems. The chair has undoubtedly changed my life – I’m happy, my work level has increased and most importantly, my back pain has almost disappeared. An ergonomic kneeling chair works on the basis that it keeps your spine in proper alignment at all times. By positioning your body so that it can’t move either way, you no longer have to worry about slouching or hunching over while you work. My entire change in attitude has resulted in a few of my colleagues purchasing a kneeling chair for themselves as well, and I wouldn’t be surprised if my workplace introduces them as a whole pretty soon. My doctor also told me to reassess the way that I sleep, and what I’m sleeping on to help with my back pain. He suggested a memory foam topper  for my mattress, which supports and holds your body in position while you sleep, meaning less work for your back as a result. I definitely wake up less during the night and feel loads better in the morning, so the combination of the two is definitely working for me!



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