I recently decided to try a foam wedge pillow

I recently decided to try a foam wedge pillow in an attempt to lessen my back pain. I often have trouble sleeping as my pillow was old and used, and often caused me to wake up with terrible pain in the upper and lower back. For a while now my wife and I have both had badbacks http://www.badbacks.com.au/, and we need to find a better option than simply taking medication all the time. We found that the foam wedge pillow kept us on a proper angle for the entire night, and was also surprisingly comfortable. It elevates your upper body while you are sleeping and is also a great option for reading or watching TV in bed. It maintains the body’s natural position whilst also taking the pressure off your lower back, enabling a comfortable night’s sleep. What we also discovered is that it helps to alleviate my snoring (which my wife is incredibly happy about) as it places you on the correct angle. It’s much cheaper than a mattress for bad back  and enures you get the best night’s sleep possible. My wife and I were worried we were going to have to swap our entire mattress in order to see results, however we are very happy with the quality of the foam wedge pillow and would definitely recommend it to absolutely anyone. A mattress would have been a lot more expensive, especially if it proved not to resolve the problem. The foam wedge is a great, cheap and effective solution for anyone who suffers back pain, and is looking for a better night’s sleep.



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