A massager for pleasure and pain

My wife has been badgering me about seeing someone about my bad backs  and it turns out all I really need is a good back massager . Massage therapy has become quite big on the natural healing scene and I for one am definitely a fan. I don’t have to pop a hundred pills every day or walk around with a stupid posture brace  on my body either. I find massage to be relaxing and effective, and it’s definitely my favourite time of the week. I try and fit massage in to my new schedule at least twice a week, but often have to settle for just once due to my hectic schedule. Massage doesn’t just help with the alleviation of back pain. It can also prevent back pain, reduce stress levels, maintain a healthy metabolism and lower blood pressure. Recent studies even suggest that frequent massage can decrease the chance of stress related heart attacks and strokes, which is incredibly important for families with a history in heart disease. Nowadays we have access to such great methods of pain relief that drugs should be the ultimate last result. Sometimes I still get bad back pain and need to take panadol in order to get through the day – particularly if there is a lot of standing involved, like at my daughters wedding. On special occasions such as this there is no problem with taking a few pain killers to help rid the pain, however they should never be used as the only solution. Natural methods that address the source of the pain and work with you to recover your initial health status are a much better alternative from what I have discovered.


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