Correct Posture at the office

Many offices are now buying their staff a height adjustable desk  to ensure that they are sitting and working correctly throughout the day. Many business men and women spend long hours sitting at their desks, and if they aren’t of an ergonomic quality this can lead to severe back pain and long term problems that can become painful and difficult to fix. People who already suffer from bad backs  will know that spinal alignment and posture support are incredibly important throughout the day. An unaligned spine and bad posture are integral in the generation of bad back pain, and so making sure you’ve got it all right will ensure that you continue to alleviate pain. Height adjustable desks mean that you can come in and set your desk to the height it needs to be out in order to carry out the work for the day. This is particularly handy for offices without set working areas, and for staff who share desks on a daily basis. The ability to come in to work, adjust your desk to the right height and carry on working will be great for staff morale, and will hopefully decrease staff turnover at the same time. This will be even more evident if the rest of the work space is of ergonomic design also. Height adjustable chairs and armrests are a great way to ensure this is the case.  The best way to go about creating an ergonomic workspace in your working environment is to speak with your employee. Many OH+S health stipulations require work environments to be ergonomic, and companies can actually get into a lot of trouble if their staff are experiencing pain as a result of where they work.


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