Right now there is an incredible new posture brace

Right now there is an incredible new posture brace  on the market. Revolutionising the way we adjust and communicate with our posture, the WiTouch Pro uses TENS signals to reduce pain and in turn improve posture as a result. It’s thin, usable and discreet – you can wear it under your work shirt all day without a single person noticing. It uses electrical nerve stimulation to stimulate the nerves for therapeutic purposes, reducing chronic pain and allowing you to get on with your everyday life; without the pain! TENS signals have been used for over 25 years however only recently has become wireless. Many describe the WiTouch Pro as the iPhone of back pain treatment. Incredible smart and endlessly versatile, you’ll never use anything else again. The WiTouch Pro operates without a remote control, is drug free with no side effects and can handle over 150 30 minute treatments before changing batteries. It also has replaceable gel pads for multiple applications and is as powerful as electrical equipment with onboard controls. I personally have used the WiTouch Pro for the better part of this year, and my life has changed drastically. I also purchased an adjustable bed matress  which cost me a bit, but was definitely worth it. I watch most of my television in bed and so this was the perfect option to ensure my back pain didn’t get any worse. I love my bed more than anything now – it’s so comfortable and I can adjust it to suit any position. I no longer wake up in the middle of the night with terrible back pain and I would recommend the change to anyone. Whether you have back pain or not, being able to adjust your position (almost like they do in hospitals) is incredibly comfortable.



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